Women in Leadership
Virtual Event 2024

Welcome to Women in Leadership

Ever wondered...

  • How successful female leaders tackle complex business issues?
  • How to shatter the imposter syndrome now and forever?
  • How to gain visibility at your workplace?

We cannot promise to completely solve all of these individual challenges, but we will share some advice and guidance that will make a difference in your career.

Join this online event to learn more about practical solutions, tips and tricks around the topic of female leadership. Get answers to the questions above and many more during the next edition of our Women in Leadership event, where you will learn from experts across academia and business.

Women in Leadership is a collaboration between four global business schools: ESMT Berlin (Germany), Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (Netherlands), Cranfield School of Management and Imperial College Business School (United Kingdom).


Introductions and welcome
Erika Harriford-McLaren, Corporate Communications and PR Manager at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM)

Controlling your own narrative (and professional destiny!)

Professor Sue Vinnicombe CBE and Dr Deirdre Anderson at Cranfield will encourage you to aim high as you explore your career opportunities, helping you understand the importance of impression management in your career progression. Alongside a prestigious Cranfield alum (Natasha Kwakwa of Standard Chartered Bank), Cranfield's experts will explore the challenges of self-promotion and networking upwards as women, as well as the inconsistent world of performance appraisals. By the end of the session you will have practical tips on:

  • How to articulate your ambition and gain acknowledgement for your unique contributions, without compromising your authenticity
  • How to collect quality feedback about your performance
  • How to control the leadership narrative in your favour
Dr Deirdre Anderson, Director of Gender, Leadership and Inclusion Research Centre (GLIC), Cranfield School of Management

Professor Sue Vinnicombe CBE, Professor Women in Leadership, Cranfield School of Management

Natasha Kwakwa, Global Head, Community Impact at Standard Chartered Bank
A female perspective on business problem solving

Leaders confront complex business problems all the time but the way that they frame those problems and the process they use to generate solutions can lead to very different outcomes. In this session we will explore pros and cons of different approaches to business problem solving and reflect on the importance of the female perspective.

Penny Hoffmann-Becking - Teaching Fellow | Deputy Academic Director, Global Online MBA, Imperial College Business School
Self-Compassion is Not a Dirty Word: Embracing the Power Within

Dive into the neuroscience of self-compassion in this empowering talk. We will uncover how the relentless belief of "not being enough" impacts your brain and explore why breaking free from the constant "doing" mode matters. Challenge the traditional emphasis on self-esteem, and discover the potency of self-compassion in building resilience and confidence.

Hetty Brand-Boswijk - Director of Coaching | Lead Coach, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
How to Shine Bright in Your Career: A Session for Women
  • Discover how to overcome the challenges of visibility in your career
  • Apply effective techniques to showcase your achievements
  • Create a realistic plan to boost your reputation
  • Learn from the stories of successful women leaders, and how they used their visibility to advance their careers
  • Have the skills and confidence to make yourself more visible and recognized in your profession
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Nan Guo - Director, Learning Innovation Lab | Program Director, Women Leadership Excellence Program, ESMT Berlin
Closing remarks
Erika Harriford-McLaren, Corporate Communications and PR Manager at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM)

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